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This is the Night

Debut novel,
“This Is The Night,”
available Nov. 1

In a world at war, four youths try to determine what’s really worth fighting for.

For more than twenty years, the Homeland has been immersed in a brutal, unwinnable war. Young men are drafted and sent to fight in a faraway jungle. Those who come back are scarred in body and mind. Lance, two weeks shy of turning eighteen, has watched his older brothers leave and his mother fall apart when they fail to return. He’s never imagined a different future for himself — until he meets an idealistic young woman named Lorrie and impulsively flees town with her.

In Western City North, on the edge of the Homeland, Lance and Lorrie move into the same building as Benny and Joe, two friends up for induction. Along with Alan, a young runaway, they frantically evade Registry agents intent on tracking down draft dodgers. With induction day looming and paranoia rampant, the only way for any of them to stay free is to uncover the truth about their uncertain world — and the forces seeking to control it. Jonah C. Sirott’s breathtaking debut is about hope, survival, and the challenge of pushing past the limits our world draws around us.

Praise for
“This is the Night”

“Part parable, part thriller, and part love story, This is the Night will keep you turning its pages until you reach its remarkable ending. Could our contemporary lives look and feel like this? Yes: they could and they do. Just start reading, and believe it.”

— Charles Baxter, author of There's Something I Want You to Do and Feast of Love

“A beautifully written, flashlight-under-the-bed page-turner, reminiscent of The Handmaid’s Tale and Never Let Me Go . . . a chilling novel that will stay with you.”

— Michael David Lukas, author of The Oracle of Stamboul

“Sirott knows what William Gibson meant when he said, ‘The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed.’ Put another way: This Is the Night is so right it’s a little scary. I couldn’t put the damn thing down.”

— Justin Taylor, author of Flings


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Jonah C. Sirott, a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s MFA program, grew up in Berkeley, California. He lives in San Francisco.
Jonah C. Sirott



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